From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

Easy Active Parties You Can Have in the Local Park

If you have a hoard of active kids coming over for a birthday party you might be looking for some idea to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Here are some fun ways you can have a party in the local park and make sure the kids can run off some of their energy. […]

Planning for your election day barbecue

Around the country parents and citizen’s committees (P&C) use elections as an excuse to run a barbecue for the voters and raise some much-needed funds. Here are some tips to make sure the barbecues run smoothly.  Make sure your stall sticks out The political parties will also have stalls set up and it can be […]

How to Take Better Photo Booth Pictures

If you are planning on hosting a party, you might be thinking about renting photo booth equipment. This is a great way to give your partygoers something fun to do and have precious memories from the party. Photo booths are great for birthday parties, holidays, weddings, and a variety of other events. Here are some […]

Considerations When Buying Your First Saxophone

The saxophone is a challenging and enjoyable instrument to learn to play.  Here are some tips on how to go about buying your very first Yamaha saxophone. Where to buy your first saxophone You could buy your first saxophone from a specialist music shop.  This will allow you to take advantage of the advice available […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional DJ for Your Wedding

Wedding DJs are an important ingredient in ensuring your wedding is a fun and memorable day. They help to create the atmosphere that keeps the party upbeat and enjoyable. If you have been contemplating cutting back on expenses and having an amateur DJ, here are a few reasons to think again.  Professional DJ equipment DJs bring […]

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Essential Marquee Accessories for Your Small Outdoor Wedding

Rental marquees are the best solution for event planners who need a temporary shelter to protect party equipment from harsh weather elements such as rainwater and extreme temperatures that may cause damage to the equipment. If you want to have an outdoor wedding with only a small number of people on the guest list, here […]

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Fencing The Home Swimming Pool: 3 FAQs

There are a number of decisions to be made by homeowners looking to invest in a residential swimming pool. Discussed below are answers to three questions that an interested homeowner may have in relation to the construction of fences around residential swimming pool areas. What Is The Non-Climbable Zone? The non-climbable zone refers to a […]

4 Ways Dance and Singing Lessons Help Children’s Development

Preschool dance lessons and singing groups have been popular activities for children, especially younger girls. They are not only fun, but help a child’s development in numerous ways. Here are just four ways that your child will benefit from dance and singing lessons. Improve Physical Movement This is especially the case for dancing classes. Lessons […]

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Organising a fundraising dinner for your not-for-profit

As a not-for-profit organization, holding fundraising events is a delicate balance. While you want to put on a lovely night for your donors, you also want to make sure that money is being spent wisely and that they don’t feel their donations will be spent on fancy functions and not on the intended cause. Here […]