From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

  • 3 Ways To Benefit From More Accommodation Bookings Through BYOD

    BYOD is fast becoming the norm of the hospitality industry with more and more players looking to benefit from this revolution. Most tourists or visitors consider mobiles to be the most important item they carry with them while travelling. With nearly all travellers carrying a mobile device, it's only natural that hospitality chains start offering BYOD services. Whether you run a small or large hotel or motel, here are some ways to benefit from more accommodation bookings through BYOD.

  • Easy Active Parties You Can Have in the Local Park

    If you have a hoard of active kids coming over for a birthday party you might be looking for some idea to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Here are some fun ways you can have a party in the local park and make sure the kids can run off some of their energy.   Laser tag In laser tag, the participants are armed with a vest, a laser gun, and goggles.

  • Planning for your election day barbecue

    Around the country parents and citizen's committees (P&C) use elections as an excuse to run a barbecue for the voters and raise some much-needed funds. Here are some tips to make sure the barbecues run smoothly.  Make sure your stall sticks out The political parties will also have stalls set up and it can be easy to blend into the background. Try and have some colourful decorations in different colours to the major political parties, as well as having the barbecue cranking from an early start to have some tasty smells attracting the voters.

  • How to Take Better Photo Booth Pictures

    If you are planning on hosting a party, you might be thinking about renting photo booth equipment. This is a great way to give your partygoers something fun to do and have precious memories from the party. Photo booths are great for birthday parties, holidays, weddings, and a variety of other events. Here are some tips for taking great photo booth pictures so you can be proud to show them off.

  • Considerations When Buying Your First Saxophone

    The saxophone is a challenging and enjoyable instrument to learn to play.  Here are some tips on how to go about buying your very first Yamaha saxophone. Where to buy your first saxophone You could buy your first saxophone from a specialist music shop.  This will allow you to take advantage of the advice available from the store's experienced staff.  Many music stores also have technicians who will be able to help you in the future if your instrument needs to be repaired, cleaned or serviced.

  • About Me

    From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

    Welcome to my blog. My name is Emerson, and I love old school acts... I love physical comedy, barbershop quartets and orchestras playing classical music. However, I also love modern entertainment. I enjoy everything from comics who push the envelope to performance art. I wanted to bring all of those ideas together so I decided to start a blog. In this blog, I am going to explain entertainment and help you look at it in new ways. I also plan to include tips on booking entertainment and on saving money when you're trying to inject entertainment into an event. Enjoy and thanks for reading!