From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

Organising a fundraising dinner for your not-for-profit

by Julio Guerrero

As a not-for-profit organization, holding fundraising events is a delicate balance. While you want to put on a lovely night for your donors, you also want to make sure that money is being spent wisely and that they don't feel their donations will be spent on fancy functions and not on the intended cause. Here are some tips on maintaining balance. 

Intimate venues

Make sure that your donors get a chance to talk to all of the relevant people in your organisation so that they get a feel for the passion of your staff. Having fewer people in a smaller venue can often add to the intimacy of the event. Ask the venue ahead of the time if you can decorate the venue with candid shots of your organisation in action, and some stories of the people that you help. While this approach can seem less efficient than having one large event it often yields big dividends in terms of how engaged your donors and potential donors are with your organisation. 

Themed menus

It can be a good idea to theme your menu in a way that shows support for your cause. For example, if you have a charity that helps the homeless you could serve them the kind of meal that you serve your clients or a meal that's made entirely out of food that is about to go to food waste (which is the approach used by UK charity Feedback). If your charity has other outcomes such as education, you could use some of your clients in preparing and serving the meal, or get them to help design a menu that means a lot to them.

Entertain your guests

If you have a charity that supports the arts it can be great to get some of your recipients out to entertain the guests. Having a great atmosphere can help people to feel more relaxed and will hopefully get the donations to flow your way. 

Include different ways to donate

While you might be specifically looking for monetary donations to keep your charity dinner it's a great idea to give people a range of ways to donate to the organisation. This could include goods that you need (include vehicles) or the ability to hold fundraising events using their own social network. Often donors go through different stages of financial liquidity, so these options can help maximise your donations. 

Holding a fundraising dinner is a great way to connect with your donors, in an enjoyable way for both parties. 


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From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

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