From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

Essential Marquee Accessories for Your Small Outdoor Wedding

by Julio Guerrero

Rental marquees are the best solution for event planners who need a temporary shelter to protect party equipment from harsh weather elements such as rainwater and extreme temperatures that may cause damage to the equipment.

If you want to have an outdoor wedding with only a small number of people on the guest list, here are a few essential accessories that will surely go well with your rental marquees.

Air conditioners/heaters

The temperature outside is a big factor to consider when you are getting ready for an outdoor wedding. If you are having a summer wedding, and you think that the heat outside will be so hot that natural air conditioning through the open sides of your marquees won't be sufficient to cool guests, you will definitely find quiet AC units to be a welcome addition to your marquees.

But, if the wedding is scheduled to be held in winter, some sort of heating will obviously be needed to keep guests feeling warm and comfy inside the marquees. Here, it would be prudent to keep your marquees fully closed on the sides to prevent heat loss and use gas-fired heaters to warm up the marquees.


It often comes out as a surprise to some people that marquees have doors. Marquee doors are typically steel or wooden frame doors specially designed for marquees. These doors greatly influence the first and last impression that guests have as they enter and leave a marquee.

What marquee doors do is to help create a sense of good organisation at your outdoor wedding by directing guests on where to go through when they want to enter or leave a marquee. That aside, marquee doors come in a wide array of styles, colours and finishes to ensure that you find exactly what you want.


Marquee floors can be installed to replicate a broad range of floors that are associated with permanent structures. Wooden interlocking flooring, which is designed to follow the contours of outdoor landscapes can be used with pole marquees to integrate the rustic look and feel of wood into the interiors of the marquees, for example. Alternatively, colourful carpet flooring can be used to complement the décor and overall theme of your outdoor wedding.

Even though the list of accessories that can be used with marquees is almost endless, the ones discussed above can play a very big part in making your small outdoor wedding delightfully memorable.


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