From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

Considerations When Buying Your First Saxophone

by Julio Guerrero

The saxophone is a challenging and enjoyable instrument to learn to play.  Here are some tips on how to go about buying your very first Yamaha saxophone.

Where to buy your first saxophone

You could buy your first saxophone from a specialist music shop.  This will allow you to take advantage of the advice available from the store's experienced staff.  Many music stores also have technicians who will be able to help you in the future if your instrument needs to be repaired, cleaned or serviced.  You should also be offered a full warranty on your instrument, just in case anything goes wrong.

Rather than buying a brand new sax, you could start with a good-quality, secondhand one until you're sure that the instrument is going to suit you.  Some music stores also offer a hire facility, so you could rent a sax to begin with.  It may also be possible to sign up for a hire-to-buy agreement, meaning that you effectively lease your sax until you've paid for it in full.

Most music stores have a website where you can browse their full range of stock and buy your saxophone online if you want to.

What type of saxophone should you choose?

Most beginners start learning to play the saxophone with an alto instrument.  The alto sax requires less air than a tenor instrument and has a smaller key scale, meaning that many beginners find it easier to play when they first start learning.

When you buy your first saxophone, you should always choose the best quality make that you can afford; for example, Yamaha are a reputable maker of good-quality musical instruments, including saxophones.  Really good quality instruments produce the best tone and sound and are likely to last longer than cheaper ones.   


There are a few accessories that you'll need to go with your new saxophone, all of which can be obtained from music stores or online.


The most comfortable mouthpiece for beginners to start with is one that's made from hard rubber, with a low baffle and a small tip opening. 


A 'reverse' ligature that holds the reed in place via screws sited on top is easy to fit and remove and helps to protect the reed.


Always choose a good-quality reed for your sax, as this will help you to produce a good sound. 

You should also invest in a reed care kit to help prolong the reed's life and keep it in good condition.  The kit should contain a case in which to keep the reed, a knife, a trimmer and a re-surfacer.

Neck strap or harness and a music stand

For comfort when playing your saxophone, you'll need to buy a good quality neck strap or a harness if you prefer.

As you'll be standing up when playing, a music stand is also a good idea, as this will allow you to view your music easily and is a better option than simply propping your music books up on a chair.

In conclusion

There are many considerations to be taken into account when buying your first saxophone.  Use the tips given above to get you started and always ask the advice of an expert in your local music store before making a purchase.


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