From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

How to Take Better Photo Booth Pictures

by Julio Guerrero

If you are planning on hosting a party, you might be thinking about renting photo booth equipment. This is a great way to give your partygoers something fun to do and have precious memories from the party. Photo booths are great for birthday parties, holidays, weddings, and a variety of other events. Here are some tips for taking great photo booth pictures so you can be proud to show them off.

Do Something Different

Photo booths aren't about capturing the same poses you do for regular portraits, but capturing a moment. It is a great way to be the silliest version of yourself. Make a funny face, stick out your tongue, make a stand-up pose you don't normally do for pictures, try to find an expression you don't usually make. Anything that is different from what a normal picture would look like is perfect for a photo booth picture. If you can plan head of time, you can practice some different poses in front of the mirror until you find some you think will work.

Get Your Props Ready

You have a very short period of time before each photo in the photo booth, so make sure your props are ready to go. Put them on or have them in your hand if you plan on changing the props between each pose. Many parties follow a theme, so if you are the host of the party, make sure you choose a variety of props fitting of that theme. Anything from silly hats and oversized novelty glasses to paper bow ties and fake mustaches on sticks are super fun to include in photo booths.

Bring Others in the Picture With You

If you aren't creative when it comes to different types of poses, invite some friends and family in the picture with you. These often make the best photo booth pictures, especially when there is a large group all squeezed in the booth area at the same time. Play off your friends and what poses or facial expressions they are using. This can often make it easier to be yourself when you are among others doing the same thing, as opposed to trying to enjoy the picture when you're in there alone.

Rent High-Quality Equipment

Sometimes, the equipment for the photo booth can make all the difference in how well the pictures turn out. Use a party rental company that offers different sizes of photo booths so you can choose one that best fits your party guests, along with advanced features like fun accessories and props, and a button that is easy to push from inside the booth to take your pictures when you choose to.


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From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

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