From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

Easy Active Parties You Can Have in the Local Park

by Julio Guerrero

If you have a hoard of active kids coming over for a birthday party you might be looking for some idea to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Here are some fun ways you can have a party in the local park and make sure the kids can run off some of their energy.  

Laser tag

In laser tag, the participants are armed with a vest, a laser gun, and goggles. They form teams and run around the park trying to shoot members of the opposite teams with a painless laser beam. This is a great option for kids who are into guns and fighting as there is less chance of the children hurting themselves and each other as they run around and shoot from a distance. This game works best in a relatively empty park as you can annoy other park users if the laser guns get shot into their eyes! You can hire sets of laser tag gear from many party hire stores. 

Bubble soccer

Another fun option for lively parties is bubble soccer. In this game, a party hire store brings inflatable 'soccer' ball costumes where the children step inside the soccer costume and run around with a ball which is usually about as wide as the child is tall! It's a lot of fun as collisions are painless and it's fun to roll around on the edges of the costume. Often the party hire company will hire an hour of time with an instructor as well to help the children get in and out of the costumes and learn how to navigate running around. 

Bouncy castles

For slightly younger children a bouncy castle can be a great option. They don't need to follow any rules and can just bounce to their hearts content. You may need a permit from the council to set up something like this that is in one spot and make take up room that might be needed for other uses such as scheduled sports games. It's a good idea to post someone on inspection duty for the castle so that if anyone gets knocked over they can get retrieved and won't get jumped on by other party goers.

There are some awesome options if you want to have your child's next party in the local park. Why not contact a local party hire store to explore the options that they have available? 


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From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

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