From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

3 Ways To Benefit From More Accommodation Bookings Through BYOD

by Julio Guerrero

BYOD is fast becoming the norm of the hospitality industry with more and more players looking to benefit from this revolution. Most tourists or visitors consider mobiles to be the most important item they carry with them while travelling. With nearly all travellers carrying a mobile device, it's only natural that hospitality chains start offering BYOD services. Whether you run a small or large hotel or motel, here are some ways to benefit from more accommodation bookings through BYOD.  

Offer Complimentary TV Streaming Services

In the modern world, guests could care less about paid or even free-to-chair channels with the emergence of streaming services like Netflix available on demand. Apart from offering a complimentary streaming service via the in-room televisions, you could also make it easy for guests to view these streaming services on their mobiles. This flexibility is exactly what guests are looking for so they can utilise the device they are most comfortable with in any part of your hotel. At prices starting from just $9.99 for the whole month, you're offering an incredible viewing experience for guests on the device they are most comfortable with. Happy guests are more likely to book with the same hotel once again.

Offer Keyless Entry Options Via Mobile

Key cards are a common sight in hotels and motels, but it is an unnecessary expense that you could potentially do without. The benefits of enabling guests to use their mobile devices as room keys are two-fold. You will cut back on the costs of paying for plastic cards and card reading technology, while guests no longer have to worry about losing the card somewhere and paying a fine. Seamless room entry via enabled mobile devices is particularly popular with frequent travellers who don't want to stand in lines or wait for the receptionist to sort out the situation when they lose their cards.

Offer Mobile Check-In Facilities

Airlines have already started doing this so why not your hotel? With mobile check-ins, guests can process their identity cards and get room access without having to wait at the front desk to follow the conventional process. Guests who travel frequently or on long journeys will value this offering and will more than likely choose accommodation players that provide this. This is also particularly useful for smaller hotels and motels that won't need to invest in front desk manpower 24/7.

BYOD can change the way you operate through higher new and repeat bookings so consider incorporating it for your hotel business.


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From Traditional to modern: A Guide to Entertainment

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